APoutsource.com is a leading Accounts Payable  Optimization provider

Ap outsource, a division of CTP Solutions provides solutions reduce cost, improve control and raise operational efficiency which enables our clients to improve profitability, while utilizing a mixture of experience, and improved processing through technology and strategic partnerships.

Since our founding over 30 years ago, we have been able to deliver these efficiencies by remaining on the cutting edge of changes that create opportunity.

The industries we serve include Financial, Distribution, Healthcare, Hospitality,  Services and Manufacturing industries. What we learn in one industry, we are often able to translate to other industries.

Whether it’s creating workflow processes in billing, document and label management, payables, human resources, or marketing logistics we deliver efficiencies to critical document processing.

Our clients look to us for guidance in three distinct but connected ways:

  1. We are their primary source of new processes and technology. Our team is constantly out in the field, on the lookout for innovative technologies that can benefit our clients.
  2. We understand how to implement these technologies in a business setting in a practical way. It’s the experience of 30 years in the trenches that allows us to deliver workflow solutions that work.
  3. We make heroes out of our customers by reducing overhead, streamlining processes and delivering more to the bottom line by helping them see what opportunities lie ahead.

We sum it all up like this:

Finding what’s possible.

Making it real for your company.

Helping you see new possibilities.

These are far more than arbitrary marketing slogans. They are the core values that drive everything we do here at CTP.

Our business is helping you optimize yours.