Security Measures


I don’t want to spend my time thinking about the printing and distribution of checks and tax forms.

CTP Solution

CTP uses a combination of measures to insure accuracy and security at every stage of processing and mailing. Here are just a few steps CTP Solutions professionals take

  • While AP & payroll outsourcing operates from multiple locations throughout the United States, all activities related to your check run occurs at a single location to maintain complete control over data and documents.
  • Every facility is under 24-hour electronic surveillance and requires card access for entry.
  • Endorsement signatures are stored in secure areas that require dual access for entry.
  • Pre-printed blank check stock is not stored because this presents a security risk. Instead, the entire laser check printing process happens at one time, including signature, MICR line, etc.
  • Only authorized personnel with passwords can log in to the FTP servers that receive client data.
  • The industry’s leading network security solution, Checkpoint Firewall 4.1, is used to prevent unauthorized access to internal systems and client data. Read More