Targeted AP Solutions for Accounts Payable Today

CTP Solutions provides targeted solutions that are developed to suit the needs of the Client. Accounts Payable circumstances present challenges that are not solved by straight-forward solutions.

CTP Solutions has implemented custom fit solutions to handle just these kinds of needs.

Tax and Business Regulation Compliance

A constant challenge to large corporations is effectively managing the tracking and payment of taxes and regulatory payments associated with its business, properties, and services across the company. CTP Solutions works with national accounting firms and corporations themselves to provide tax payment processing in many different industries. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies. These companies benefit from CTP Solutions’ software and services to improve speed and efficiency when dealing with various types of tax and regulatory payments. The types of taxation and regulatory payments that CTP Solutions’ support include:

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Telecom Tax
  • Business Regulation and License Fees

CTP Solutions’ expeditiously handles these payments and provides an online management portal and software tools that allow clients to work collaboratively with their internal accounting organizations, treasury groups, and CPA firms to review, approve, and manage all information associated with payments. This provides an additional level of assurance and compliance for the financial and operational procedures of our clients.

Disparate Systems Coordination

Corporations in today’s ever changing environments acquire, merge and spin-off companies or portions of companies all the time. To make these companies accretive to the bottom line as fast as possible, coordinating and meshing payment system can be an enormous challenge. Disparate systems across the Enterprise need to talk to one another. CTP Solutions works with companies to solve these problems. With targeted solutions, costs can be much lower than the lengthy and costly traditional information technology option. By working with IT, CTP Solutions can design integrations allowing payments to be made and accounting information to be coordinated. With Outsourcing you only pay for what you use.

Reference: http://www.accountspayabletoday.com/targeted_ap_solutions.htm