Tax Form Outsource Processing


Year end is a tax form nightmare in payroll, HR and finance. How can CTP help get me through it?

CTP Solution

Put yourself in the hands of the tax form experts from CTP and relax. We know that January is a scramble just to get tax forms out in time.

  • With as much as 80% of tax form requests coming from former employees.
  • Each request needing an average of 3 phone calls.
  • And as many as 17% of tax forms returned due to incorrect address or expired mail forwarding.

You need a Total Year End CTP Solution

In constant consultation with you, we customize according to your requirements. Then we print, distribute and reissue annual employee tax forms and ensure responses to correction requests. We create the filing materials you need for all Federal, State and Local tax requirements. And we can warehouse them for secure storage and easy retrieval.

Tax Forms Originals

Using your payroll data, CTP Solutions can print and mail or electronically present originals for any tax form anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our comprehensive quality assurance procedure verifies your data at each stage of the process, from the initial file receipt to the final printing. Our state-of-the-art printing can produce over 3,000,000 forms every day, so no job is too big. Also, we CASS certify to ensure the lowest possible cost for first class mailings.

  • Get rid of the in-house printing hassle
  • Enable employees to receive electronic W-2s
  • Radically cut down your mailing costs

We even ensure your employees receive the correct tax form with the correct information, on time and accurately.

Reissues and Corrections Service

We know that every tax season you’re swamped with requests from employees for reissues or corrections of their tax forms. Understandably, they want their tax refunds now and research shows that because of this urgency, employees will call at least three times for each correction or reissue request This means for a 3 months your staff is spending valuable time serving mostly former employees instead of serving your customers and you’re spending anywhere $7.80 to $75.00 on a single reissue. Stop wasting valuable time and resources. Focus on your mission critical tasks and let us will field those never-ending telephone requests from employees.

  • Our Customer Service Representatives field calls in both English and Spanish
  • Our website is simple and secure, delivering instant turnaround
  • Employees can have their W-2 delivered by view/print, fax or US Postal Service
  • Our system automatically gathers employee address updates

Data Warehousing

The IRS requires access to the past four years of your company’s payroll history, so you often have to produce prior year documents quickly. This creates a tremendous paper-processing bottleneck as receiving, sorting, categorizing and storing returned tax forms is both labor-intensive and costly. CTP Solutions allows instant access to all prior year tax forms and because we store them in our system, you never need to sort through stacks of forms again

  • You have access prior year tax forms anytime
  • A data storage system that is flexible and can accommodate any payroll syste
  • You can overcome payroll software upgrade and migration issues


If your payroll system prohibits you from accessing updated employee data, a change to CTP Solutions will allow you to access to all the information collected on your behalf, from address updates to wage data. You can even update your payroll, tax, and human resource systems with the click of a mouse. Our system has a full range of standard reports that can be printed in seconds and delivered to management. Plus, all reports can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. You can instantly synchronize all your systems by:

  • Updating your records with the most current employee addresses
  • Monitoring system activity from the individual employee on up
  • Simplify your tax filing with our sophisticated W-3c process

Privacy and Security

At CTP Solutions, we understand that confidentiality is a major concern. That’s why your privacy is our priority. That’s why:

  • Access is permitted only to users who produce a valid Social Security and PIN combination.
  • All Customer Service Representatives are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • We will prosecute anyone who violates this agreement.
  • The information available to our Customer Service Representatives is limited. They see only employer and employee name, address, social security number, and PIN. The only change they can make is the mailing address
  • To facilitate reissues.
  • No wage data is revealed on our website.

At CTP, we’re committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. No wonder over 96% of our clients renew our service every year. Read More